而电子商务曾经只是复制店内体验, 现在需要的更多. Online retailers are expected to deliver personalized shopping experiences featuring rich media and video on any 设备, 无论何时何地客户选择. 随着消费者对缓慢的网站越来越不耐烦, 性能 issues and downtime have a major impact on brand perception and customer loyalty. 最大化客户转化率和收益, 零售商需要尽可能提供最好的在线体验.

OD真人's Solution for 零售和电子商务 helps you deliver compelling online experiences

利用OD真人边缘云平台的强大功能, 零售和电子商务的OD真人Solutions提供了可伸缩性, 性能, 可靠性, 为了给客户提供最好的在线体验,你需要安全, 无论何时何地, 无论他们选择什么设备.


顾客的需求全年都在波动. 的 holiday shopping rush or the release of a hot new item may increase the demands on your web infrastructure. Unplanned downtime can significantly impact sales as customers decide to purchase elsewhere instead of waiting for your site to come back online.

OD真人运营着一个 世界上最大的私人网络, with the capacity and reach to deliver the best experiences to customers everywhere, 即使是在一年中最繁忙的时候. Our global network offers 110+ Tbps of egress capacity with about 140 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in more than 45 metropolitan locations around the world. Our dedicated Network Operations Center ensures you have the capacity and availability to provide your customers with the best quality of experience 24/7/365.


网页的大小和复杂性都在增加. 然而, 客户对慢速加载的网站越来越不耐烦, 导致更高的弹跳率,许多客户再也不会回来. 一个运行缓慢的网站会对你的盈利能力产生重大影响.

与传统的 内容分发网络依赖公共互联网的美国, OD真人's private fiber backbone lets your content bypass the congested public internet, resulting in faster delivery of dynamically generated content like shopping carts. OD真人还提供Industries中最高的缓存效率之一, ensuring the fastest delivery of static content like images and product descriptions from cached copies stored close to your customers. OD真人 Web Acceleration includes support for the latest protocols like HTTP/2 to improve webpage loading speed, while 设备 identification with configurable actions based on results lets you optimize content for the fastest delivery to whatever 设备 your customer is using.


Downtime and slowdowns from Distributed Denial of 服务 (DDoS) attacks cause lost revenue, while hacking and other security breaches can expose customer data and negatively impact your brand reputation and customer retention.

的 large size and distributed nature of the OD真人 CDN inherently protects your web infrastructure against most attacks before they ever reach your servers. 聚光灯下的高容量网络 DDoS擦洗 helps your website deliver superior 性能, even under the largest attacks. Web应用程序防火墙(WAF) protection helps secure your web applications by detecting and blocking attacks at the network edge in real-time. OD真人的网络是100% 传输层安全 (TLS)启用, helping you ensure the integrity and security of sensitive transaction data like credit card or account information.


Consumers are increasingly using mobile 设备s for online shopping and expect the same fast 性能 and capabilities, 无论是台式机还是智能手机. 然而, 向桌面交付内容, 移动浏览器, and dedicated mobile applications adds complexity to your infrastructure because each 设备 supports different capabilities, 要求您开发和交付内容的多个版本.

OD真人 offers Device Detection with configurable actions that lets you customize content for the specific 设备 your customer is using. 提高移动电话上的站点性能, 平板电脑, 个人电脑——几乎任何一种设备——都能提供一种吸引人的体验, 无论使用什么设备.


在快节奏的电子商务环境中, 你需要对快速变化的Products目录做出反应, 库存水平, 和价格的变化. 为您的客户提供最新的信息, you need to quickly and easily remove outdated or incorrect content from your website.

聚光灯下的独特 SmartPurge content invalidation capability provides next-generation purging at global scale. 不像其他cdn中的清除功能, OD真人 SmartPurge works in near realtime to remove stale content from your website and offers capabilities that make it easy to accurately determine which content will be purged and verify purge effectiveness with comprehensive reporting.

Video & 富媒体整合

Customers have higher engagement with sites that offer video and other rich media that allow them to learn about products and see them in action prior to purchase. 除了, technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming more common as retailers are experimenting with ways to provide a more engaging and immersive online experience.

聚光灯下视频平台 (LVP)是一种基于云的服务,可以简化管理过程, 准备, 并将你的Products和营销视频传送到任何设备上. OD真人视频播放器可以检测客户的浏览器, OS, 设备, and connection speed to automatically prepare and deliver video in the optimal format. OD真人可以轻松地提供丰富的多媒体体验, 包括VR和AR内容, 这将提高品牌粘性和用户转化率.

服务 & 支持确保您的持续成功

零售业的格局在不断演变. Rapidly changing customer expectations make it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. You need a partner with the knowledge and experience to help you keep up with changing business and technology requirements and ensure your ongoing success.

关注支持服务 帮助你充满自信地接受新的挑战. Our dedicated Solutions Engineers and Advanced 服务s Architects first work to understand your business objectives, then partner with you from initial planning and implementation through the ongoing deployment of new capabilities and services. 当您的需求发生变化时,我们会帮助您适应. Our service and support teams offer free unrestricted 24/7/365 live customer support with in-region language assistance to provide rapid issue resolution with no service interruptions, and our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center is always there to help you ensure efficient operation. At OD真人注册, 每个团队成员都专注于为您提供更好的体验, 这样你就可以为你的客户提供最好的体验.



Learn more about how OD真人 integrates a massive global private infrastructure, 先进的内容交付功能, 支持服务帮助你提供最好的在线体验.


If you are in charge of ensuring the security of your company’s website, it has not been easy going


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